We provide solutions necessary practically at every stage of construction, finishing work, decorating work and renovation of flats, houses and commercial facilities.

We are a family business. During the period of 20 years, our company became a significant manufacturer of products used for finishing work and renovation of houses and commercial facilities. Both our R&D department and the implemented traceability system allow us to provide our customers with products which are possibly well adopted to their needs. We cooperate with retail chains, wholesalers, small stores and contractors. We arrange training sessions and provide full after-sales services, and therefore our products have been used in many Polish and European houses and offices.

Mr Roman Sawulski, Chairman of the board
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Top-quality impregnating agents, oils, stains and varnishes for wood – your surroundings will become full of colours for many years.

Primacol Professional


Complete offer of cleaning agents, disinfectants, priming agents, indoor and façade paints and other products necessary during construction and renovation.

Primacol Decorative


Creative decorating systems used to provide the interior of your home, office, restaurant and hotel with a completely new and unique character.

Unicell.pl - Polski producent chemii budowlanej!

Private labels

When an order is placed by other manufacturers, retail chains and distributors from Poland and abroad, we provide comprehensive solutions from the diagnostics of local market needs to the supply of a finished product according to strictly defined parameters. While providing the service, we can suggest a formulation which corresponds best to the customer’s business needs and design packaging given the reality of the target market. Our long experience in the private label sector has allowed us to create a solid portfolio of customers in Poland and Western Europe.

Unicell.pl - Polski producent chemii budowlanej!

Services for professionals

We understand high expectations presented by developers and professional contractors involved in the construction of office buildings, hotels, restaurants and other structures requiring top-quality solutions. We supply dedicated products featuring specific parameters and colours. We also provide training and assistance in the completion of the most demanding creative decorating systems.


The orientation to the achievement of long-term targets and mutual trust are the basic elements of cooperation with retail chains, distributors, wholesalers, architects, small stores and contractors. We cooperate with architects, contractors, wholesalers and shops.

Merkury Market
Leroy Merlin
BRICOMAN - Proste Tanie Budowanie
Majster - Remont Budowa Hobby
PSB Group - Polskie Składy Budowlane
Unicell.pl- Polski producent chemii budowlanej!

We cooperate with architects, contractors, wholesalers and shops. For all of them, we have prepared appropriate tools necessary in their daily customer service.

Our experience in the sector of construction chemical products, own production and the created network of proven partners allow us to offer a full range of products to satisfy even the most stringent requirements. An attractive and wide-range offer, marketing and training support as well as loyalty programmes are the strengths which, most importantly, enable the provision of services to customers, but also allow our customers to obtain a competitive advantage on the local market.



All types of special and construction-purpose membranes, including roof / foundation / vapour-proof / floor heating membranes as well as joining and corner tapes.

Plasti King


Complete offer of very light and durable PVC inner window sills and roofs installed above entrance doors in buildings.

Kids Care


System comprising safety devices, latches, protective pads, guards, plugs and other accessories ensuring that you child can move safely around at home.

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